Wendy Woolfson


Cracked This is a piece of creative writing inspired by a meeting I had with a friend. She always seems to inspire me to write something with the wisdom she imparts. I enjoy writing creatively from real life experiences and delving into other words and worlds. It’s good to let my imagination roam and to […]

Bury It Dead

Bury It Dead It was a day some months after I’d started therapy and I was walking along one of my local roads trying to decompress and get some space in my head. Walking is always good for me, I forget that sometimes, especially now as I can’t walk so much as it tires me […]

Travelling Back Home

Travelling Back Home It was  my second day in a new job and I was travelling home on a train from Perth after an induction day when I received a text. It was from one of my brothers and effectively it was a suicide note. He’d sent it only to me, and my other brothers. […]


Suicide So, this question came up recently; is suicide worse than cancer? Is it any different to tell someone you want to kill yourself as it is to be diagnosed with cancer? The question was asked from the perspective of telling someone you are suicidal or that you have cancer: two very different but equally […]

No Intention Of Dying

No Intention Of Dying You are an unexpected visitor in my body. You’ve come at an unexpected time and taken me quite by surprise. I was in the flow of life and enjoying the challenges ahead of me. I knew what I had to do and life was feeling settled. I was getting into a […]


Therapy I’ve never written anything quite so vulnerable as this, so take your time and go easy on yourself, and me. It may be hard to read if you’ve had your own experience of abuse, so I suggest you read it when you have a quiet space and time to yourself. The poem below captures […]


Patience On a bad pain day, a school day he comes into my bedroom in the morning to say goodbye before leaving. I’m zoned out in a half drugged, half tired slumber. I don’t know how I look to him now, lying in bed most of the time.  Sometimes he has to wake me up […]

What I Need To Do

What I Need To Do I was having a conversation with someone today about how I manage to cope with my diagnosis and staying so positive, and I found it an interesting question to respond to because there are various elements to it. There are so many parts that it’s hard to pin it down […]

Understanding Hope

Understanding Hope Wikipedia describes the tale of Pandora’s Box as “…a metaphor for something that brings about great troubles or misfortune, but also holds hope.” As a storyteller, it was a story I never told. I couldn’t connect with the hope part of it. I hated that story and avoided it at all costs. I […]

A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life I’ve been trying to write something for days and every time I do, it just doesn’t come out right. I’m in pain, and I’m tired, I feel queasy a lot of the time now, and after having immunotherapy yesterday it’s all ramped up. It’s not been like that every day […]