Wendy Woolfson

A Review Of Love

Love can prevent abuse from happening through being a deeper, listening ear of compassion that wants to hear more.


Love holds space no matter what emotions show up.


Love fights for the child even when we’re exhausted and down to our last.


Love does not give up hope even when it seems all hope is lost.


Love stays the course and fights for all our rights.


Love has the capacity to keep pushing and moving. It’s in the spaces in between, even when there’s a fight in play. Listen, and you can hear it in the need to be right, the lack of understanding and the little child inside waiting to be heard.


If you have a lack of love then look for it, feel for it, work at sensing it, and you will find it, somewhere. In your dogs’ loving eyes looking for a pat. When your cat rubs up against your legs, when your child snuggles into you, when your friend calls you. When you reach out to someone, anyone, you are looking for love, and instinctively you know it’s there or you wouldn’t have asked. Love never looks like you think it will, it comes in many guises, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s one thing when it’s another.


You know you feel love when:

Your heart aches when they’re not around.

You almost cry at the thought of losing them.

You cry at the thought of losing them.

You feel they are the only one who can save you.

Their hugs give you strength.

Their kisses ignite a fire within you.

You fit, in every way.

Your world feels right.



Cares for you when you’re sick.

Wipes your face when needed.

Makes sure you are taken care of.

Makes you laugh when you’re sad.

Makes you feel special.

Holds your hand and your heart.

Sometimes, what you think is love may not be real, so be careful of not recognising this.


Love will:

Always tell the truth.

Be consistent.

Feel safe.

Listen with empathy and forgiveness.

Hold steadfast when the waves are rough.

Not trample on your dreams.

Laugh at your terrible jokes.

Love is unbiased.

It comes from the different and diverse.

Can see through lies and deception.

And cut through hurt.

Love has eyes that are bright and open.

Love is gentle and yet intense.

Love will always want to keep you safe and sound.

Love is plain and simple




In the end, once you really see love, and recognise it in its truest form you realise how obvious it was all along. Love was staring you in the face every time the most uncomplicated, beautiful acts were occurring.


Nothing fancy. Nothing troublesome. Nothing difficult.


You know it’s love when it is easy and you don’t even have to try.


This means all kinds of love.

From all kinds of people.

In all places.

At all times.

I’m no expert in love but then again, who is?